How to Care for Your Anxiety Ring

It's common for anxiety spinner rings to occasionally become squeaky or hard to spin. Most often cleaning and/or lubricating your ring will quickly solve the problem.

Follow these simple steps below -

Cleaning Your Ring

You can clean your ring with wet wipes for a quick clean.

Another option is to clean your ring by giving it a bath in a warm soapy water.

• You will need: a bowl or container with warm water and mild dish soap, eg Earths Choice, Morning Fresh or similar. 

• Pour a small amount of dish soap into the warm water and swirl with your hand until you see some bubbles on the surface.

• Submerge your ring in the water and spin it back and forth a little to try to loosen up any stuck dirt and grease. If your ring seems especially dirty, let it soak for 5 minutes and try to spin it again while it's submerged. Spin it submerged until you feel it is spinning freely. 

Lubricating the ring

Regularly adding some form of lubrication to your spinner ring can keep it spinning quietly and smoothly. If your ring is squeaky or continues to be difficult to spin after cleaning it, try lubricating between the inner and outer bands.

Suitable lubricants can be vegetable based oils (eg coconut oil) or industrial/automotive grease (eg silicone spray).

• Apply small amount of lubricant between the bands. Spin the ring back and forth until it's spinning smoothly and wipe off the excess with cloth or paper towel.