Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the shipping?

All our orders are shipped daily from Perth, Western Australia. Our standard shipping takes usually anywhere between 3-6 business day to receive your order. If you need your anxiety rings urgently we recommend upgrading to express shipping.

Feel free to reach out to our friendly Team if you have any questions.

What material is the anxiety ring made of?

Our anxiety rings are made of stainless steel, your ring will not cause your skin to turn green or tarnish over time. It is also tough and water resistant which means you don't need to worry about rust or other damage to the fidget ring. However, as with all jewellery we recommend removing it while having a shower or going swimming. 

How do I know what size anxiety ring I need?

We have created a super easy guide for you to follow. All you need is a thing strip of paper or string that you can wrap around your finger. Mark the spot where the string meets and measure the distance with the ruler. Use the chart to find out your perfect ring size. 

Most people like to wear the ring either in the index, ring or middle finger. 

Help! My ordered anxiety ring doesn't fit!

No worries, we are here to help! All our customers are eligible for a one replacement ring (either smooth finish or original glitter style) for a cost of $10 including free shipping if the selected ring doesn't fit quite perfectly.

If you need a replacement ring for the Crystal Rotating Ring you are eligible for a one replacement ring for a cost of $20 including free shipping. To get further assistance and organise your replacement ring please reach out to our Team at

How to care for the anxiety ring? It is not spinning as smoothly as it used to.

It's common for anxiety spinner rings to occasionally become squeaky or hard to spin. Most often cleaning and/or lubricating your ring will quickly solve the problem. See the care guide guide here.

Are these suitable for kids?

Yes they sure are! Most common sizes for children are sizes 6-8.

Do you have anything for men?

Absolutely! Our range of Smooth Finish anxiety rings are perfect for men as well as for the rest of the family. We also recommend the black glittery one as surface is really subtle.

Can I claim Anxietless Life anxiety rings under NDIS?

Our spinning rings can be claimed under NDIS if your plan supports their purchase.

There are a few ways to claim -

✓ You can claim your order under NDIS by providing them with your order details and our ABN (87 882 880 706) to be reimbursed by NDIS.

✓ Ask your plan manager to contact us at with your desired rings and required details and we will invoice your plan manager directly. More information is available here.